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It is very simple! - First thing is tell us where your TV is.  MyStoreMonitor can be tailored to go in a front window to bring in customers, over a bridal case to educate bridal customers or our signature show plays in the main show room and does it all. 
To get started,  send us your logo and anything else you want us to incorporate into your slideshow, and we'll do the rest.  If you don't have a logo or would like to have yours redesigned we can help you with that as well.
The setup is pretty easy and straightforward.  We will send you a setup file by dropbox with about 30 templates that we will use to produce your MyStoreMonitor slideshow each month. Once approved, we will populate your show's templates with the actual jewelry that you carry in your cases.
Shows are automatically delivered to your store's TV screens and updated each month.  Any TV can be integrated to our system as long as it has an HDMI connection on the back.  
MyStoreMonitor utilizes an Amazon Fire TV Stick available for $29.99 from most retailers or to deliver your shows.  For setup instructions for the Fire TV please click here.  
When you want to make adjustments to your show, add promotional merchandise or make other adjustments, just give us a call and we will assist you.  MyStoreMonitor offers three hours of design time each quarter for customers to use to make edits to MyStoreMonitor slideshows.  
**Additional design time is available at our graphic design rate of $50 per hour.


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