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  • MyStoreMonitor is a way to turn ANY TV into a selling tool that displays your actual jewelry.

  • Feature the actual jewelry that you carry in your cases from any manufacturer or from your custom shop.

  • Updates each month with creative seasonal advertising which can be used on your social media pages.

    • Schedule your store's entire social media engagement for the month with the personalized graphics you get from MyStoreMonitor.

  • Automatically updates each month with no need to load and change flash drives.

  • Can be customized to fit any area of a store. 

    • Front Window?  Use MyStoreMonitor to target walk by traffic and get them in the store.

    • Over a Bridal Case? Use MyStoreMonitor to show your bridal customers your favorite bridal styles.

    • In your Custom Consultation Area?  We can highlight your custom work to show your capabilities and examples of your work

    • In your main showroom?  Our signature show does it all! From watches to bridal, we will highlight and sell anything in your cases.

  • Fully customizable!  MyStoreMonitor wants to highlight anything that sets you apart in the community.  

    • Services offered like: custom design, laser engraving or pearl restringing.

    • Introduce your team and history in the community 

    • Feature your happy couples and show their pictures.

    • Show price pointed jewelry to help sell ear studs and diamond solitaires

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