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We recently created a series of “Menu” concepts for one of our Larry Johnson Consulting clients. 


The idea is simple and copied from your local Applebees, Fridays and Ruby Tuesday restaurants.

Create a handout to give to your customers emphasizing the things you want most to sell. Give it out to the buyers when the conversation starts so they can understand what your store has to offer and see images to guide them along.


Our menus can be used to highlight:


  •  "TOP GIFT IDEA" program focusing on non-bridal fashion jewelry in the store. This menu is designed to help a customer get in the store and out with their purchases quickly and efficiently.  When a customer comes into your store and says "I'm looking for a birthday gift for my wife," this menu will help by showing him some great gift ideas ranging in price from a $150 pair of earrings to the single most expensive non bridal piece in the store.

  • "Our Favorite Bridal Styles" - This Menu walks a customer through the engagement ring sale.  Upon opening, the first two panels will explain the different ring style categories and diamond shapes.  Your customer may not have the vocabulary to tell you that she is looking for a "split shank double halo pave engagement ring with a cushion cut diamond" when they walk in the door, but MyStoreMonitor will give her an organized cheat sheet with pictures so she can tell you exactly what she is looking for.  The inside panels will show customers some of your favorite styles and designers 


Cost is $499 for 100 custom made copies, delivered to your door. You only provide the images of your actual jewelry and we do the rest. We write the copy, do the design and get it printed on heavy card stock and shipped to you.


Call us for more information or to discuss how this idea might just work for you.

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